Free movies, series, music, TV, radio and games

Zona is a free program for working with file-sharing networks using the BitTorrent protocol, with support for anonymous data exchange. Unlike other torrent clients, it has its catalogue of movies, TV shows, music and games. You can also watch TV channels and listen to the radio with it.

Most users use Zona precisely as a catalogue of movies, games and other files that can be downloaded directly from the program – this does not require registration or payment. Any user gets access to downloads for free, and Zona allows you to download files from the media content directory and play them before they are completely downloaded.

Pros and Cons
Clients for Windows PCs and Android mobile devices
Free access to a huge catalogue of movies, series, music and games
Simple and clear interface
Convenient content filters
Fast client thanks to millions of Zona users
Play files until they are completely downloaded
A notification system that allows you not to miss the premieres
Some antiviruses detect this software as malicious
Not always stable work of the player
Materials offered by Zona may be subject to copyright laws in your country
Access to some features only after registration

Zona is available for Windows and Android operating systems. Depending on the platform, applications have certain specific functions. You can familiarise yourself with them and download distributions for the desired operating system using the following buttons.

If you want access to a considerable amount of entertainment content on your device, install Zona. This high-quality and varied selection of music, movies, games, and other valuable and exciting media files and information you can easily view or download to your PC or phone.